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Silicium -

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Application instructions


Mineral Montmorillonit is effective for:
  • detoxification & elimination of the hazardous substances (e.g. side effects of the chemotherapy);
  • the bacterial food poisoning, chemical and drug intoxications, alcoholic intoxication;
  • regulating the functional bowel and stomach disorders;
  • vomiting, eructation, meteorism, heartburn;
  • binding and removal of free radicals (as a powerful anti-oxidant);
  • acid-based balance regulation;
  • regulation of the mineral metabolism;
  • strengthening of the immune system;
  • has anti-stress, anti-infective, anti-fungal and anti-viral functions.


Who does need the montmorillonit (SiO2)?
·   People with strenuous & physically challenging jobs
·   Athletes
·   Those dieting
·   Pregnant woman
·   When suffering from chronic diseases or predisposed to infections
·   Those under consistent stress or in hazardous work conditions
·   After an intensive drug therapy
·   People sensitive to electromagnetic effects
This mineral is mined from ecologically clean mineral fields in the mountain area of Kazakhstan. In comparison to similar products, it has a more effective adsorption.


What are the effects of this mineral?
Montmorillonit contains all necessary macro and microelements that are important for our organisms: Silicium, Natrium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Ferrum and others.
Thanks to the selective ion exchange capacity, this mineral supplements our organism with all the missing macro- and microelements and at the same time it collects and cleans out the hazardous substances. Its mineral structure guarantees the extraordinary adsorptive capacity as it adsorbs gas and acids in the gastrointestinal tract. The most of our illnesses are caused by bowel’s disorders as this area of our body contains 80% of all immune cells. The montmorillonit cleans out the bowel and restores its natural functions. 
Its main component SiO2 prevents the accumulation of free radicals, which are known to cause premature aging, chronic and hereditary diseases and cancerous tumours.